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What is Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)?

The Government of Canada has launched a new service to submit ATIP online. This service helps you search all 265 institutions, find the right one and even look through past requests. Go to the ATIP Online Request Service to start your ATIP online request with the new Government of Canada service. Some Federal Departments have not yet transferred to the new ATIP Online Request Service, including Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This is the complete list of institutions still using this website. To submit an application on this site for one of these departments.

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How To Track your request with your ATIP Online account?

When you make an ATIP Online account, you will be able to:
** Access your previous requests
** Check the status of your requests
** Get email notifications when your request is completed

Link :

Download your records with an ATIP Online account
You spoke, we listened – no more CDs in the mail!
Now you can receive your reply package electronically to your secure account. In one click you can either view the reply in your browser or download the document.

How To Make A Request for ATIP?

To Make A Request for ATIP, the procedure are given below
Step 1: Go to the link
Step 2: Click on Proceed To ATIP Online.

Your request must be directed to a specific institution. If you’re not sure which one, you will be able to search by topic and see a list of suggested institutions that may hold your records.

Step 1: Search existing summaries
Step 2: Find who holds the information you are requesting
Step 3: Fill out a request form
Step 4. Send the request and payment

Step 1: Search existing summaries
Before making an access to information request, you can search the summaries of access to information requests for records that have already been released by the Government of Canada to see if you can find what you are looking for there.

Step 2: Find who holds the information you are requesting
Access to Information or Personal Information requests are submitted to institutions that hold the information you are requesting.

To find out which institution holds the information you are requesting, you can review:
** the list of institutions you can request information from
** what institutions do, and what information they hold
** To determine which institution holds the information you are requesting, find out what each institution does and what information it holds.

Step 3: Fill out a request form
There are 3 request forms, depending on the type of request you want to make. If you are not sure which request you are making, refer to the types of information requests.

Download the request form
Access to Information Request Form (PDF)
Personal Information Request Form (PDF)
Record Correction Request Form (PDF)

If you can’t download or print the form
You may also submit a letter clearly indicating that your request is being made under either the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act, and describe the following:

The records you are seeking.
** Be as specific as possible.
** For example, you could give a date range and detailed subject matter.

Your preferred method of receiving the records:
** copies sent electronically or by mail, or
** viewing the records in person.
** Your email address or telephone number in case there are questions.
** Your name, street address, city or town, province or territory and postal code.
** The date of your request.

Note: Other tips for submitting by mail or email
** To assist in processing your request quickly, you could include details, such as a date range, that would assist the government institution in finding the relevant records.
** For personal information requests, additional information may be requested by the government institution to verify your identity.

Step 4. Send the request and payment
Begin by looking up the Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator of the government institution you wish to send your request to. Contact information is listed by institution.

Be sure to include the appropriate fee with your request:
** There is no fee for personal information requests.
** There is no fee for correcting your personal information.
** For access to information requests, include the $5 application fee.
** Generally, cheques or money orders can be made payable to the Receiver General of Canada.

What do I need to submit a request online?

1. Proof that you have the right to make a request (Access to Information Act only):
** A proof of Canadian citizenship, such as a copy of your passport or citizenship certificate;
** A proof of your status as a permanent resident, such as a copy of your permanent resident card; or
** A proof of temporary status in Canada, such as a work, study and/or visitor permit.
2. Consent, if applicable:
** If you are making a request on behalf of someone else, you must include consent to release their information.
** The consent must be signed and dated by the person authorizing the disclosure of his/her information.
** You should include the consent for each individual over the age of 18 that may be listed in your file.
** If submitting your request to IRCC, please use the Consent for an Access to Information and Personal Information Request form (IMM 5744).

3. Credit card, if your request is being made under the Access to Information Act:
** There is a $5.00 application fee for these requests. There are no fees under the Privacy Act.
** At the end of the application, you will be automatically directed to an e-Payment tool, where you will be required to pay your $5.00 application fee using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

What You Will Need For An Access To Information Request?

** Access to a valid email account;
** Electronic copies of any documents you wish to attach to your request (accepted formats are DOC, DOCX, PDF, TIFF, JPG, or PNG);
** Credit card information to pay the $5 application fee (VISA, MasterCard or American Express are accepted.
** Payments cannot be made through debit or prepaid credit cards).

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