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Organization : Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
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How To Track Your Passport?

To Track Your Passport, Follow the below steps
Step 1: Go to the link
Step 2: Enter your Passport Application ID
Step 3: Click on Ok

Once we receive your documents, you can use our Passport Tracker to get updates on its current status. Most applications have 5 steps as outlined below.

Application received: We have received your Passport Online application. We cannot process it until you send us, by post, the required supporting documents.
Alert: We have received your application. You must submit your supporting documents to proceed with the application.
Processing application: We have received your supporting documents. We are now verifying these documents.
Processing application: Your application is being processed.
Printing: Your Passport book is being printed. Any documents submitted will be returned separately.

First Time Applicants:
** First time applications are the most complex as all documents need to be verified.
** You should not book any travel until you have received a passport as these applications cannot be expedited.
** You need to submit extra documentation and for children, the consent of all guardians has to be verified.

Complex renewals/ Child renewals:
** This is when you have to submit extra documentation or you are changing information on your passport.
** For example, this could be changing your name or a lost or stolen passport. All applications for children are complex renewals.
** This is because the consent of all guardians has to be verified.
** Postage time is not included in the average turnaround time.
** Postage will be longer for applicants outside of Ireland.

Simple Adult Renewal:
** This is where you are an adult who needs to renew your Irish passport.
** We normally do not require any supporting documents.

Turnaround Times of Passport

Online Application Type – Current average turnaround times
Simple renewals – 10 Working Days
Complex renewals – 15 Working Days
First time applicants – 25 Working Days

Post Passport from An Post
Paper based passport service from An Post
** This application will take significantly longer than Passport Online.
** You should use Passport Online if you have travel plans within the next 3 months.
** The current estimated turnaround time is 8 weeks but this is not a service guarantee and you should not book flights until you have your passport.
** Once you have made a paper based application, it cannot normally be expedited and we cannot return your supporting documents to you.
** If you submitted a paper based application through an Embassy or Consulate abroad, please see the Embassy website for your country of residence.

Posted application type – Current average turnaround times
Adult and child renewal – 8 weeks
First time application – 8 weeks
Lost/stolen/damaged replacement – 8 weeks
Adult and child renewal posted from Northern Ireland – 8 weeks
First time application posted from Northern Ireland – 8 weeks
Lost/stolen/damaged replacement posted from Northern Ireland – 8 weeks

Type of passport application – Current average turnaround times
Great Britain Passport Express – 8 weeks

FAQ on Tracking Passport

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Tracking Passport are given below,
1. When should I apply for a new passport?
A general rule of thumb is to keep six months validity remaining on your passport from the date you’re returning home. You can travel right up to the date of expiry within the EU. However it is advisable to contact the embassy of the country to which you intend to travel with queries regarding their specific requirements.

2. Do I have to collect my passport myself?
If you submitted your application at the passport office in Mount Street or Cork, you may nominate a person to collect it on your behalf. They must bring a signed letter from you authorising them to collect the passport and their own photo ID.

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