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Organization : U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Japan
Service Name : Selective Service Registration
Country : Japan
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U.S. Embassy Selective Service Registration

U.S. Embassies and Consulates overseas assist the Selective Service System with its registration program abroad.

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The Selective Service System online registration site may be unavailable for overseas registrants, but overseas registrants may complete offline form and mail it to the Selective Service System at the following address

How To Complete This Form

** Read the Privacy Act Statement.
** Print your information in Black Ink And Capital Letters Only.

Application Form :
Step 1: Print your date of birth. Use a two-number designation for the month and day and use a four-number designation for the year.

Step 2: Place an X in the correct box.
Step 3: Provide your Social Security Number if you have one since it is mandatory to include this information. Leave this space blank if you do not yet have a social security number.

Step 4: Print your full name as outlined on the card. Include any suffix (such as Jr., or II), in the designated box, if applicable.
Step 5: Print your current mailing address as outlined on the card. Use the two-letter State abbreviation and enter your ZIP Code.

Step 6: Print today’s date. Use a two-number designation for the month and day and use a four-number designation for the year.
Step 7: Sign your name in the box.

Mail the completed form to :
Selective Service System
Registration Information Office
P.O. Box 94739
Palatine, IL 60094-4739

Note :
** Selective Service will send you a Registration Acknowledgement in the mail.
** If you do not receive a Registration Acknowledgement within 90 days, it is your responsibility to contact the Selective Service at 847-688-6888.

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