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MVS Canada Track Your Shipment :

Organization : MVS Canada Logistics Inc
Facility : Track Your MVS Order
Country : Canada
Website :

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How To Track Your MVS Shipment?

To Track Your MVS Shipment, the procedure are given below
Step 1: Go to the above link.
Step 2: Enter Last 4 digits of your phone.
Step 3: Click on Tracking Shipment.

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MVS Damage Claim Information

The MVS Damage Claim Information are given below,

Step 1: Pre-Shipping
**Take photos of the vehicle when you drop it off at the terminal, commercial location, place where you meet the truck driver, or when the vehicle is picked up at a residence.
**Please send us the photos of the vehicle by uploading them through our photo upload form on your tracking page.

Step 2: Receiving Your Vehicle
**When you receive your vehicle, check it over for damages.
**If there’s any new damages, show someone at the terminal or the person who delivered the vehicle then note it on the paperwork and take photos before taking possession of the vehicle or driving it away from the terminal.

Step 3: Submit A Claim
**Immediately after noting the damage on the vehicle, email MVS Canada with the photos and the details of the type of damage and its location(s) on the vehicle.
**Depending on the mode of transport, some types of damages may not be covered by insurance.
**The terms and conditions that you were sent when you booked your order has all the details on what is and isn’t covered.
**If you need any clarification please email or call us.

Step 4: Claim Investigation and Results
Once we receive your email with the photos and details regarding the damage to your vehicle, we will investigate your claim further and get back to you as soon as possible with a result.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on MVS are given below,
1. Do I need my own insurance on the vehicle if it’s already covered by carrier insurance?
Yes, we recommend you have the vehicle insured as not everything is covered by carrier insurance (expanded below).

2. Is there a deductible involved when filing a damage claim?
Yes, a $500 deductible will be applied to any claim filed.

3. An item inside my vehicle went missing during transit. Can I claim it?
Any items shipped inside vehicles are done so at your own risk, and cannot be covered under carrier insurance. MVS Canada is not liable for loss or damage to said personal items.

4. How long does a claim take from start to finish?
The claims manager will open a file and request reports from all carriers and drivers involved. This can sometimes take weeks to acquire all reports, review and confirm damage, and have you (the customer) obtain damage estimates. From start to finish, some claims can even take months to resolve, depending on the nature of the damage and which carriers are involved.

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