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Organization : South African Nursing Council
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SANC eRegister of Nurses & Midwives

The South African Nursing Council is entrusted to set and maintain standards of nursing education and practice in the Republic of South Africa.

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In order to use the eRegister, Go to the official website of South African Nursing Council and Click the eRegister link in the left side menu.

Then click the link to start the eRegister system

eRegister is used for employers or prospective employers who need to verify the registration status. Practitioners may also use eRegister to confirm their own registration status.

Conditions of Use

1. The purpose of the eRegister is to enable Internet users to quickly verify the registration status of nursing and midwifery practitioners in South Africa.

2. For security reasons, the eRegister is a COPY of the active records in the official register. So RECENT additions and removals may not be reflected until the next update takes place.

3. There are four documents that provide proof that a person is registered as a practitioner
i. a copy of the last published issue of a register
ii. a South African Nursing Council certificate of registration
iii. a South African Nursing Council annual practising certificate
iv. a certified copy under the hand of the Registrar

4. eRegister ONLY contains details of those persons currently registered. The absence of a persons name from the eRegister means that he/she has either been removed from the register or never been registered at all.

If you have any queries please call (012) 420-1000 during office hours or by email sent to registrar [AT]

5. Unauthorised use of the eRegister is strictly forbidden.

How to Use eRegister?

In order to use the eRegister, you must read and accept the conditions of use displayed above.
Step 1 : Click I accept the conditions button to view the eRegister web page

Step 2 : Enter SANC Number OR SA Identity Number [12345678]
Step 3 : Click the Find button

SANC Number :
** Each nurse is uniquely identified by means of his or her South African Nursing Council (SANC) Number.

** This number consists of eight digits and always starts with a “1”
** SANC Number is the ONLY way that all practitioners can be positively identified in the eRegister.

SA Identity Number :
eRegister contains the SA Identity Number of over 95% of practitioners – those who have provided certified copies of their identity documents to the Nursing Council.

What Do I Need To Use eRegister?
eRegister is a free to use application available to any Internet user. Your computer/device must have a suitable web browser program such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

How To Lodge A Complaint?

The complaint must be in writing (preferably in the form of an affidavit) detailing
** The place, date and time of the incident
** The conduct complained about
** The names and particulars of persons involved and witnesses

Please supply your name, address and contact numbers – so that the Nursing Council can contact you.

Send this to :
The Registrar
South African Nursing Council
Private Bag X132, Pretoria, 0001, Republic of South Africa
Telephone : 012 420-1000
Fax : 012 426 9553
E-mail : professional.conduct [AT]


1. Why can’t I search the eRegister by name?
The register of nurses and midwives has a very high incidence of duplicate names. Particularly in cases where there is only one given name there can be many duplicate entries. It is therefore impossible to always get a positive match based on names alone.

2. Why does the practitioner’s ID number sometimes not display on the eRegister?
The practitioner’s South African Identity Number will ONLY be displayed if you requested the record using the ID number. To protect the person’s personal information, the practitioner’s ID number will not be displayed if you do not have access to it already.

3. Why does the eRegister sometimes display APC details for the NEXT year?
Practitioners pay annual fees for NEXT year during the period 1 July to 31 December of the CURRENT year. While the eRegister is meant to show the CURRENT status of practitioners, this information has been included so that practitioners and employers have an easy way to confirm whether annual fees for NEXT year have already been paid or not.

4. Why can’t I use a printed copy of my details as proof of registration?
Regrettably, it is possible to forge or alter the information page presented by the eRegister and to print a copy using any modern word processing program.

A copy of the details can then be printed for that person or organisation’s own records as evidence that the necessary verification has been done.

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  2. Makgai Raesibe Josephine . I want to check my registration for additional qualifications

  3. Please tell me, how do I register myself.

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