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Track J&T Express Philippines Shipment :

Organisation : Ph Global Jet Express Inc
Facility Name : Track Your Shipment
Country : Philippines
Website :

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How To Track J&T Express Philippines Shipment?

You can track your packages by using our service platforms: website, mobile app and 24/7 hotline. Monitor your package in real time via these platforms.

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To Track J&T Express Philippines Shipment online, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter your Waybill Number
Step-3 : Click on Search button

FAQs On J&T Express Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On J&T Express Shipping

a. Are there any limitations on the goods that I can send via J&T Express regarding weight and dimensions?
Yes, we only accept up to 50 kilograms maximum on the weight of the package. For express shipments, items with length of more than 1.5 meters on one side will not be accepted.

b. Are there restrictions on the goods that I can send via J&T Express?
Yes, Here is a list of restricted items for shipping:
a.) Dangerous goods & biological reagents such detonators, gunpowder, firecrackers, gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, Tung oil, lacquer, matches and pesticides;
b.) Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, such as opium, morphine, cocaine, etc.
c.) Items prohibited by circulation or delivery by national laws, such as arms, tobacco, currency, antiques, gold and silver jewelry, precious metals;
d.) Perishable items such as fresh meat and fresh fish;
e.) Various reactionary newspapers and magazines, publicity materials and obscene or indecent articles;
f.) Specimens of various living animals, liquids and various animal corpses;
g.) Other items that are prohibited by law and inappropriate packaging materials.

c. Which measurements do I need to provide for my package?
Kilograms (kg) in weight & centimeters (cm) in dimensions. Weight Calculations are based on the actual weight of the package versus the volumetric weight, accounted whichever is higher.

d. What is volumetric weight?
Volumetric weight, sometimes also called “dimensional weight”, is a billing technique which takes into Account the length, width and height of a package.

a.) Length: measure first left to right;
b.) Width: measure front to back;
c.) Height: measure top to bottom.

e. Should I send fragile items?
Yes, but our Courier will advise if it needs enhancements on packaging as we label all our fragile item shipments for proper handling.

f. How do I label my package?
We will provide an Air Waybill (AWB) or Electronic Waybill (E-waybill). Please make sure to provide all details correctly. Errors or mistakes can cause delays.

FAQs On J&T Express Claims

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On J&T Express Claims

a. Do you offer insurance?
For the safety of express mail, J&T Express provides a value-added service, which is a special service for express mail. The value-added fee is 1% of the declared price of the item (according to the invoice of the item)

E.g.: If item price is P1,000.00 – then the value added fee is P1,000.00 x 1% = P10

b. In which situations can I file for a claim?
If a shipment is received in good condition, it is not possible to submit a claim. In the case of loss or damaged shipment delivery, it is essential that you mention the damaged state of the package on the manifest when receiving the goods. Also: take photos for proof.

c. How can I submit a claim for loss and damage?
All claims must be sent by mail thru or reported through our 24/7 hotline ((02) 8911-1888) of J&T Express.

d. Within what time period should a claim for delayed, loss or damage be filed?
Claims are valid depending on the following accepted conditions:

1.) Loss complaint :
Time Limit:Within the time limit of the request (within 30 days from the date of the shipment.)

2.) Damage complaint:
Time Limit:Within the time limit of the request (scheduled within 7 days from the date of notification of the damage.)

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