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Organization : Teachers Service Commission
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Country : Kenya
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TSC Kenya Online Payslip

To get your online payslip you must register online. After that you need to select the password so that you can access your payslips.

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Provision of wrong information will lead to immediate De-Registration. Go to the official website of Teachers Service Commission provided above.


Click Online Payslips link available under online services tab .

Step 1 : Enter your T.S.C Number [554875465]
Step 2 : Enter your Password
Step 3 : Click Login Button

Registration/Activate Account

If you are a new user you are required to register first.

Step 1 : Enter your T.S.C Number [654654654]
Step 2 : Enter your Surname Name Case Sensitive [Jegan]
Step 3 : Enter your First Name Case Sensitive [Anusha]
Step 4 : Enter your National ID Number [123456789]
Step 5 : Enter your KRA Tax Pin [A15485625789K]

Step 6 : Enter your Date Of Birth [17 Day 08 Month 1988 Year]
Step 7 : Enter your Designation Code [3WQKK]
Step 8 : Enter your Paystation Code [14701-103-0027]
Step 9 : Enter your Bank Account Number [987458965]
Step 10 : Enter your Phone Number(Mobile) [+254722123456]
Step 11 : Enter your Personal Email []

Step 12 : Enter New Password
Password must be at least 6 characters (Letters & Numbers)
Step 13 : Confirm your New Password
Step 14 : Select your Secret Question
Step 15 : Enter the Secret Answer
Step 16 : Click Register Button

Forgot Password ?

Click Forgot Password link available in the login page to retrieve your forgotten password.

Step 1 : Enter your T.S.C Number [654654546]
Step 2 : Select Secret Question
Step 3 : Enter Secret Answer
Step 4 : Enter your Phone Number(Mobile) [+254722123456]
Step 5 : Enter your Personal Email[]
Step 6 : Enter New Password
Password must be at least 6 characters (Letters & Numbers)
Step 7 : Confirm New Password
Step 8 : Click Reset Password Button

Incase of any challenges please send us an email on payslips[AT] or call 0202892158/0202892156 for assistance

Notice :
You can now access T-Pay from your Mobile Phone!

Teacher Registration

The Teachers Service Commission Act 2012 Article 237, requires the commission to register all qualified teachers before they can teach in any public or private institution.


One should scan and upload the following documents :
** Certified copies of academic and professional certificates
** National identity card
** Bank slip
** One passport size photo
** KRA pin
** GP69 form
** Certificate of good conduct
** Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans.

Deposit Ksh 1,055 through Direct Banking or Simple Banking. (KSh 1,000 is a non refundable registration fee and ksh 55 for Bank Commission Charge to the TSC)

Kindly note that application for a duplicate certificate will be KSh 2055/- payable to
National Bank of Kenya Ltd,
Harambee Avenue branch,
Account Name : TSC-Secretariat
Account Number : 01001005707400

How to Register?

Go to Services tab in the official website of TSC.

Click the link for registration and payment guidelines.

Fill in the following and Click Next Page Button to Continue
Step 1 : Enter your IDNo./Passport
Step 2 : Enter your Surname
Step 3 : Click Next Button

Check Registration Status

Click Teachers Online Services link available under ‘Online Services’ tab.

Click Registration status link.

Enter ID No/Passport & click Go button to know your status.

Study Leave

Download the Study Leave form from the downloads section on the website and fill it.

Procedure :
** The application should be forwarded to the Commission at least one month before the commencement date.
** An application should be accompanied by the admission letter.
** A teacher should not proceed on leave before approval and formal release.

** Once granted, leave should be utilized for the approved purpose failure to which disciplinary action will be taken.

** Teachers should report for posting 30 days before expiry of the leave and provide evidence of having undertaken studies.
** Those on study leave lasting less than six months should report back to their stations for allocation of duties

Bonding :
Teachers who are granted study leave with pay will be bonded to work for the commission as follows
** For courses lasting six months but less than one year will be bonded for a period of one year.
** For courses lasting less than two years will be bonded for two years
** Those attending courses lasting two years or more will be bonded for three years.

Where a teacher under bond obligation chooses to terminate his/her service, he/she will be required to pay in full the total cost of training, the salaries and allowances paid to him/her while on study leave.

Self-sponsored teachers will be required to repay an amount equivalent to the salaries and allowances paid to them while on study leave.

Returned Salaries & Allowances

Salaries are returned to the Commission due to :
** Closure of your current bank account before the new one is operational.
** Recalling of salary by the Commission.
Any returned salary should be claimed in writing through the head of institution.

Over Payment :
An employee is required to notify the Commission of any erroneous payment. Where the over payment is as result of death, the next of kin should notify the bank immediately.

To prevent over payment Heads of institutions should report cases of death and absenteeism within 48 hours.

Over payment will be recovered as follows :
** In reinstatement cases, outstanding over payment will be recovered in full
** In cases of retirement or death, any government liability is recovered in full from pension benefits or gratuity.

Allowances :
Allowances paid to teachers are classified as either remunerative or reimbursable.

Remunerative allowances :
There are two types of remunerative allowances;
** Automatic
** Those paid upon application

Automatic allowances include :
** house
** medical
** commuter
** hardship

Allowances paid on application include :
** Responsibility allowance
** Special duty allowance
** Readers allowance
** Interpreters Allowance
** Transfer Allowance

Online Payslip FAQ

1. Invalid names when registering online payslips
When you are trying to register and you get invalid user name, ensure that you are filling the names starting with a capital letter and the rest in small letters e.g. Mary WakimuTyping all capital or all small letters will result in an invalid names error.

2. My Salary was sent to the wrong pay point how do I correct this?
Any officer or teacher whose salary is returned due to wrong pay point should claim the salary immediately and give the correct pay point through which the salary can be channeled through

3. How can I get my online payslip
To get your online payslip you must register it is during registration that you will select the password that you will use to access your payslips.

4. How will I know I have been registered?
To check your registration status, on the TSC website under online services select teachers online and choose registration status.
5. How long will the certification take?
The certification will take 30 days.

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    This portal has moved us closer to Tsc though very far from Nairobi.Keep updating us. Thank you

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