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Organisation : Department of Immigration & Passports, Government of the Peoples’s Republic of Bangladesh
Facility Name: View Status For Visa Application
Country : Bangladesh
Website :

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How To View Status For Visa Application?

To View Status For Visa Application, Follow the steps given below
Step 1: Go to the above link.
Step 2: Enter Application ID
Step 3: Enter Password
Step 4: Enter Security Code Shown in Image
Step 5: Click on Login.

FAQ on Visa Application Bangladesh

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on Visa Application Bangladesh are given below,
1. Can I fill in my visa application in a language other than English?
No. At Present our online application system only supports applications made in English.

2. Will I be able to access the online application system using my computer?
We are doing our best to support as many computers, operating systems and internet browsers as possible but due to the technologies we use for our online application system, there are certain browsers we exclude due to their age or design. Currently our site is tested at IE 5.0 or later and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later.

3. Can I save my application mid-way through the application process?
Yes. You can save your online visa application wherever you see the “Save & Exit” icon. To login again and complete your application, you will require your unique “Visa Application Id”. This number will have been sent to the email address that you supplied in your application security details. Please note:
** Online forms in progress that are saved are deleted after 7 days. You can return within 7 days.
** Online forms are valid for 7 days from the day you submit it. We cannot accept application forms after this 7 days period, as the data expires and is deleted. You will be asked to complete a new application if you try to submit an expired application form to a visa application centre.

4. I do not understand one of the questions. What can I do?
Throughout the online form we have added “More Info” icons to some questions that might require further guidance.

5. I made a mistake on one of my answers. Can I change it?
If you didn’t submit your application finally you can do the change. After submitting the application you can’t change it.

6. The date I entered is not being accepted. What is the correct format?
All date fields in our forms are set up in the following format: dd/mm/yyyy (for example 21/08/2011).

7. I have not received my Completed Application confirmation email. Can you resend it to me?
Yes. But please check first that your inbox has not treated our email confirmation as SPAM and that you have given us the correct email address. If you have not received your confirmation email after 24 hours please contact us through Complain and Feedback link.

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8. I am unable to retrieve my application. What can I do?
This could be because you did not save your application by selecting the “Save & Exit” option flagged by the following image on the application form or your did not retrieve your application within 7 days of last saving it. If you are sure you saved your application in the last seven days, empty your browser cache(temporary internet files) and try again.

9. How can I change my appointment location?
You can’t edit appointment location after the final submission of your application.

10. Can I get a refund?

11. Can I pay for my visa application online?
Currently online payment for visa application is not supported.

About Bangladesh Visa Application

Your application may be refused and you may be banned from coming to Bangladesh for several years if you use a false document, lie or withhold relevant information. You may also be banned if you have breached immigration laws in the Bangladesh. “New” travelers to the Bangladesh who produce a false travel document or passport to the Bangladesh immigration authorities for themselves and/or their children are committing an offence. People found guilty of this offence face up to two years in prison or a fine (or both).

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