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Ability Therapy Place Track Your Order Kenya :

Organization : Ability Therapy Place Limited
Facility Name : Track Your Ability Therapy Place Limited Order
Country : Kenya
Website :

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How To Track Your Ability Therapy Place Order?

To Track Your Ability Therapy Place, Follow the below steps
Step-1: Go to the link –
Step-2: In Track Order enter your Order Id (Found in your order confirmation Email)
Step-3: Enter your Billing Email (Email you used during checkout)
Step-4: Click on “Track” button.

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Ability Therapy Place Services

Outpatient Physiotherapy
The Ability Therapy Place Physiotherapy services caters for wide range of treatment services comprising of:
** Electrotherapy (Stimulation, Ultrasound, InfraRed, Diathermy etc)
** Manual Therapy (manipulation and mobilization)
** Mechano-Therapy (Traction)
** Heat Therapy and Cryotherapy
** Therapeutic Exercise
** Exercise Prescription

Ability Mobile Clinic/Neuro Clinic
** At ability we have invested in provision of contemporary services at the proximity of your home, workplace or rather at a community gathering that is comprehensive and of a world-class experience
** we provide state of art, delivered to your doorstep and assist our clients to reach their rehabilitation potential. Our dynamic and multidisciplinary team provides individualized therapy programs. By applying best practice guidelines in a supportive dignified and compassionate manner, we treat individuals of all ages in their homes, in convalescent care and schools that support special education units. This is a client centred approach to treatment that also incorporates training on self-management.
** Our mobile healthcare plans focus on human function, movement and maximizing potential. Ultimately, these programs play into reduction of pain and correcting dysfunction and injury. It covers sports injuries, massage therapy, orthopaedic injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, post-surgery therapy, sprains and strains, and custom orthotics and braces.

** The Ability Therapy Place Mobile Clinic is a state of the art mobile unit equipped with
** Electric equipment like subcutaneous stimulators, a therapeutic ultrasound machine, spine traction kits and faradic nerve stimulators programmed to be used on-the-go.
** It is equipped with muscle and joints strengthening machines like treadmills, static bicycle and cross-trainer set to provide satisfactory muscle strengthening therapy services.
** For respiratory rehabilitation, the unit is equipped with a sterile area for secluded and personalized treatment services like drainage of congested chest cavity, tuberculosis treatment, equipped with various respiratory masks, a nebulizer and oxygen supply cylinder for any eventualities.
** The unit also doubles up as a fully-loaded ambulance with EEG and ECG machines for patient monitoring during transport to hospital.

Neural Rehabilitation
The Ability neural rehabilitation program caters for a wide range of patients and conditions including:
** Stroke patients.
** Motor vehicle accident patients and in the recent past motorbike accident patients.
** Individuals maimed from man-made disaster like collapsed buildings.
** Terrorism survivors – individuals maimed by bullets and explosives.
** Children with developmental disorders and adults with acquired developmental disorders.
** Our therapy team specializes in assessment of patient with newly diagnosed and existing neurological conditions like hypoxic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Symptoms vary greatly but generally, our experience has taught us to look out for physical symptoms like weakness, difficulty with coordination and changes in sensation.
** Cognitive symptoms we look out for include reduced memory, poor problem solving, concentration spans and difficulty multitasking. Speech symptoms include slurred speech, difficulty understanding people and changes in social communication skills. We work with you to identify areas of need and chart a tailored rehabilitation program.

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