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Organization : Shanghai Municipal People’s Government
Type of Facility : Apply for Visa & Residence Permit
Country : China
Website :

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Shanghai Apply Visa & Residence Permit

The application type you are choosing is First time apply for resident permit . Please select the type of document for apply.The origin and validity of the application should be the same as the current holding resident permit

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Apply Online

Home >> Online Service >> First time apply for resident permit (student) .

Please reading the following application notice, click the next after confirmed

Application Form :
Please fulfill the following information correctly and click the submit button after complete.
Enter Surname in English [Chauan]
Enter Given name in English [Leaon]
Select Gender [Male/Female]
Enter Date of birth [YYYYMMDD]
Select Nationality [CIN]
Enter Type of Identification document[Passport/Ordinary Passport]
Enter Passport No. [25548741520]

Enter Validity of ID document [YYYYMMDD]
Select Type of entry visa [Study Visa/Tourist Visa/]
Enter Visa No. [5487541250]
Enter Date of entry [YYYYMMDD]
Enter Name of school [Shangai University]
Enter Telephone No.[8625148741]
Enter Registration form of temporary residence No. [25487]
Click on Submit Button.

Terms & Conditions

1. You are foreign student studying at the colleges of this municipal.
2. Only accept for first time apply for resident permit (student).
3. Resident permit application would be not accept if by visa-free entry.
4. The duration of resident permit you apply for can’t exceed the valid duration of your passport.

5. Please come to apply for the resident permit at least 7 working days before your current visa expired for avoid overdue stay.
6. Online application and reservation, the final decision made by the reception counter of this bureau after collect the documents and interview shall prevail.
7. Please ensure all the documents and information are true, correct and complete.

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