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Track Your JUMIA Order Nigeria

Organisation : JUMIA
Facility Name: Track Your JUMIA Order
Country : Nigeria
Website :

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How To Track Your JUMIA Order?

To Track Your JUMIA Order, Follow the below steps

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Step 1: Go to the above link
Step 2: Login Your Account
Step 3: Click on Orders in the displayed menu
Step 4: Locate the particular order you want to track and click See Details
Step 5: Click on Track this Item
Step 6: A map showing the status of your order will be displayed as shown below
Step 7: Click on Click to view details beneath the displayed order number
Step 8: A timeline showing the current location of your order will be displayed as shown below

Delivery Methods of JUMIA Order

The Delivery Methods of JUMIA Order are given below,

Door Delivery:
Delivery time starts from the day you place your order to the day one of our delivery associates makes a first attempt to deliver to you. Delivery will be attempted 2 times over 5 days (7.00 am to 5.30pm ) after which the item will be cancelled.

Pickup Stations:
Delivery time starts from the day you place your order to when you receive the first SMS to pick up your order from our pickup station. Please note: 9mobile subscribers may be unable to receive text messages. Ensure you pickup your item within 5 days, otherwise it will be cancelled.

How To Return JUMIA Order?

To Return JUMIA Order, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to the above link
Step 2: Login and go to ORDERS Then click on the order of the item(s) you wish to return
Step 3: Select the number of items you wish to return, the reason of the return and give us more details to help us identify the issue with the product
Step 4: Select your preferred refund method
Step 5: Choose your ideal return process – Return the item yourself to one of our eligible drop-off stations or let us handle it by picking-up the item from you
Step 6: Check your information and submit your return request

FAQ on JUMIA Order

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ on JUMIA Order

1. What is a refund voucher?
Jumia Refund Voucher can be chosen as a refund method. The value is equal to the amount of the product purchased. You can use Jumia Refund Voucher as voucher code to buy any item. A refund voucher is valid for 180 days you need to use your voucher during this period. This refund voucher can be used on several purchases, until your balance is 0.

2. How do I use my voucher?
If you have been issued a Jumia Refund Voucher, you will have received a voucher number.
Please enter this voucher number in the voucher code box and click “add voucher” during checkout at payment step. A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount.

3. Do I also get refunded the delivery fees when returning a product?
The refunded amount will include the Delivery fees amount you were charged.

4. I have bought an item on promotion or with a voucher. What amount will you refund me?
For items purchased on sale, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid, and not its original value.
For example: If you purchased an item on sale for N2,000 and its original value was N4,000, we will refund you N2,000.
If you purchased an item with a Refund voucher, we will refund you the sum of the amount you paid and the amount of the Jumia refund voucher.

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