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FACS Apply For Housing Assistance Australia : Family Community Service

Name of the Organization : Family Community Service
Type of Facility : Apply For Housing Assistance
Country : Australia
Website :

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FACS Apply For Housing Assistance

Use this online form to apply for all housing assistance available under Housing Pathways, except transfers. This includes help renting in the private market and social housing.

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You can also call the Housing Contact Centre Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for help.

Note :
** If you have already found a property to rent in the private market and only want to apply for a Rentstart Bond Loan, fill out the online application for Rentstart Bond Loan.
** You will be advised whether your Rentstart application is approved by SMS and in writing.

What you will need :
In order to submit your application you will need :
** your Centrelink Number, Medicare Card or Drivers Licence
** 1 form of identification for each household member over 16 years old
** documents supporting your need for housing assistance

During the application process, you can expect :
** to receive communication from us via email and SMS
** to be able to update your form over 30 days
** to be able to upload supporting documents online
** that your income and identification details are checked securely online

Housing Application Online

Help using the online application for housing assistance
Register to get started :
** You need to register before you can commence the form.
** When you successfully register, we will send you an email containing your Form ID, which you can use to return and complete the form later.

1. When you save your form, you can return and complete it anytime within 30 days

2. Have at least 1 of these documents

3. Main applicant details :
You must use your current legal name.
1. Select Title
2. Enter First Name
3. Enter Middle Name(s)
4. Enter Last Name
5. Select Date of Birth

Contact details :
1. Enter Email address
2. Re Enter Confirm email address
3. Select Do you wish to receive SMS notifications?
4. Enter Password
5. Re Enter Confirm password

Read all the Terms & Conditions Tick the check box and click on continue button.

2. Electronic Identification :
** This section allows us to verify your identity electronically, avoiding the need to bring them into us.

** You will need your Medicare Card, Australian Passport or Australian Drivers Licence.

Click ‘Yes’ to consent for FACS to check your identification electronically. If you don’t, you’ll need to bring these documents into a FACS office. When choosing a form of identification the correct details box will appear.

Run the Identification check then click on continue button.

3. Uploading Documents :
You can upload supporting documents from your computer, phone, or tablet. These can be electronic files, scanned documents or photos of your documents.
When adding a document as evidence, select supporting document from the drop down list.

Click ‘Upload File’ and select a supporting document from your folder. Select the document type from the drop down menu

4. Review and Submit :
** You can review any section of the online form before you submit.
** There is an edit option at the top of each section.
** Please ensure you include all of your supporting documents before you submit the form.

When you have complete your form, click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the screen


What is the Housing Application online form?
It’s a new way to apply for housing assistance using the internet. You can submit your application in your own time at a place that suits you.

Why is the online application form being introduced?
Surveyed clients have asked for more ways to access our services. Until recently, clients had to call or visit a local Housing Pathways office to apply for housing assistance. The online form gives a new and convenient option for you.

What information do I need to submit my application online?
You need an email address, Centrelink number or income statement, and at least one of the following; Medicare card, Drivers Licence or Passport. You may also need other documents to support your application, e.g. medical certificates.

Is the process easy?
Yes, the process is easy. And there are instructions and help throughout the form to guide you. Remember, you can also save and exit and come back to the form at another time. If you get stuck you can call 1800 422 322.

Where can I access the online form?
The Housing Application online form is available through the FACS website

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