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Organisation : Hellenic National Passport and Secure Document Center
Facility Name : Track Passport Application Status
Country : Greece
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How To Track Greece Passport Application Status?

Online system for checking the passport application status. This service provides the ability, to everyone to be online informed about the passport application progress, from the moment it is entered into the computerized system of the Passport and Security Documents Division / H.P.H. To Track Passport Application Status in Greece, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter the Surname (with Greek characters)
Step-3 : Enter the Application Number (barcode)
Step-4 : Click on Check button

Virtual Keyboard Usage:
** Virtual Keyboard is displayed when the corresponding textfield is clicked and inputs only in that field.
** You may type in the textfield using the Virtual Keyboard and press the button ‘Enter’ to close the Keyboard.
** Button ‘Cancel’ closes the Virtual Keyboard and rolls back what is typed in.
** Button ‘Delete’ deletes the entire content of textfield ‘Surname’, whilst button ‘BackSpc’ deletes one character to the left.

FAQ On Greece Passport

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Greece Passport

What is the process after the deposit of the supporting documents?
The process that follows the submission of supporting documents until the receipt of the new passport is the following:

** An employee checks the supporting documents that are deposited, for the conditions of the passport’s issue. If the demand is rejected, the concerned person will be informed by the Passport Office with a personal letter. The overwhelmed sum for the fees, will be also returned.
** Supporting documents are forwarded to National Passport Center (Athens) with express delivery (courier).
** National Passport Center, will publish the passport within 3 working days from the receipt of all the essential supporting documents.
** The new passport will be dispatched, with the same way, to the Passport Office where the application had been submitted.
** The citizen receives the passport (from the Passport Office) in person or with written authorization, also presenting the proof of deposit.

Can I acquire a passport in one day?
Yes you can, but only for the following reasons:
** Serious health reasons that impose hospitalization abroad (this is in effect for the patient, his relative up to 2nd degree, as well as for the doctor or the attendant who will escort the patient abroad.
** Relative’s death (relationship from blood or by marriage – up to second degree relation).
** Injury or emergency health reasons which is proofed with a health certificate from a foreign government hospital, or the disappearing of a relative up to second-degree.
** In case of property destruction, abroad.

For these specific cases, apart from the responsible Passport Offices all over Greece, the interested person can exceptionally deposit his supporting documents to the office that resides in the Police Station of Pagrati (Athens).

Can I have two passports that are valid?
No, it is not allowed to possess two Ordinary Greek Passports that are valid.

What happens to a passport, in case of a decision of prohibition of expense from the country?
Your passport is been subtracted from the qualified police and consular authorities and it is dispatched to the National Passport Center in order to be kept. It can be received after the cancellation of the prohibition expense from the country.

Contact Information

Hellenic National Passport and Secure Document Center
8 Chiou street, Kessariani – 16121
Attica, Greece

Phone Call Center : +302107298000
E-mail : contact AT

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