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Name of the Organization : Service Alberta
Type of Facility : Register A Birth
Province : Alberta
Country : Canada
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Service Alberta Register A Birth

** All births that occur in Alberta must be registered with the Alberta government. The parents of the baby are responsible for completing a Registration of Birth form.

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** After a birth is registered, you can order birth documents from a registry agent or Registry Connect depending on your location.

The following apply :
** the person who gives birth to the child must sign the Registration of Birth form
** to record the father/co-parent on a child’s birth record, both parents must sign the Registration of Birth form

** when the father/co-parent does not sign the Registration of Birth, the father/co-parent will not be recorded on the child’s birth record
** a father/co-parent may be added to a birth record later with an amendment

Hospital or registered midwife birth :
** Your hospital or registered midwife will give you a Registration of Birth form to complete.
** They will send the form to Vital Statistics for registration within 10 days of the birth.

Home birth without a registered midwife :
When a registered midwife or physician isn’t involved with the birth of a child at home, the following outlines the process required to register a child’s birth in Alberta.
1. Get a Request for a Home Birth Package
2. Complete and send in the Request for a Home Birth Package form
3. Gather the required evidence
4. Send the evidence to Vital Statistics
5. Parents complete birth forms
6. Send in the birth forms

Application Form

Complete the following details when your child was born in home.

Child’s Information :
1. Enter Last Name
2. Enter Given Name
3. Enter Child’s Place of Birth
4. Select Child Sex

Mothers Information :
1. Enter Mothers Maiden name
2. Enter Mothers Given name
3. Enter Mothers Currently last Name
4. Mothers Place of Birth

Mailing Address :
1. Mail Address of Mother
2. Form Filling Date
3. Mothers Signature
4. Click on Save form

Delayed registration of birth :
** When a birth isn’t registered within one year from the date of birth, there are additional requirements and a fee of $20 to register the birth.

Change Birth Records

How it works :
** Event (birth, marriage, death and stillbirth) records may be corrected with an amendment.
** When an event happened outside Alberta, contact the jurisdiction where the event occurred to request an amendment.

Requirements :
The following are needed to correct a record :
Evidence to support the requested correction
** Vital Statistics will work closely with you to provide the document and evidence details you’ll need

An affidavit :
** Vital Statistics will partially prepare an affidavit for you, based on what’s being corrected
** the affidavit must be signed by you in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public

Cost :
** if the correction is requested within 90 days of the event, there’s no fee
** if a correction is requested more than 90 days after the event, there’s a $20 fee
** if you request an amendment through a registry agent or Registry Connect, they may charge an additional service fee; contact various registry agent offices as service fees may vary

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